Observability and IT optimisation – the catalyst for improving CX and DX  


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Observability and IT optimisation – the catalyst for improving CX and DX

The IT infrastructure of a typical organisation has become much more critical and much more complex in the digital world. Flexibility, agility, scalability, and speed are the watchwords of the digital business. To meet these requirements, it’s highly likely that a company must use a multi-IT environment, leveraging a mixture of on-premises, colocation, managed services and Cloud infrastructure.

However, with this exciting new world of digital possibilities comes a whole new level of complexity, which needs to be properly managed. If an application is underperforming, just how easily can the underlying infrastructure problem be identified and resolved? Is the problem in-house or with one of the third-party infrastructure or service providers? Is the problem to do with the storage? Or, maybe, the network? Does the application need to be moved?

Right now, obtaining the answer to these and many other performance-related questions relies on a host of monitoring tools. Many of these can highlight performance issues, but not all of them can isolate the cause(s), and few, if any, of them can provide fast, reliable and consistent application performance problem resolution – let alone predict future problems and/or recommend infrastructure improvements designed to enhance application performance.

AIOps has emerged as a major new discipline that offers the promise of bringing together all aspects of an organisation’s IT infrastructure – the DevOps, the storage, the network, the compute, the service management and the application – to help ensure an optimised customer experience (CX) and wider digital experience (DX). The customers in question being both employees and external consumers.

Yes, the lines between AIOps and various other Ops disciplines are necessarily blurred, and, yes, there’s an increasing focus on Observability across the enterprise, but there’s little doubt that AIOps is the glue that not just holds together organisation-wide IT optimisation, but also drives the CX/DX focus.

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Tuesday 8th June 2021 starting at 10:00 BST
10:00 Introduction by Phil Alsop, Conference Chair
10:05 AIOPS moves beyond the ‘angry teenage years’!
Presented by Paul Bevan - Bloor Research
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
10:37 How to get started with AIOPS
Presented by Pierre Aeschlimann - Ivanti
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
10:58 AIOps: Moving beyond the trigger-driven alerts model with deep learning
Presented by Shaun McGirr - Dataiku
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
11:26 Applying a business lens to IT performance
Presented by Gregg Ostrowski - App Dynamics
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
11:49 The role of AIOPS in successful cloud migrations
Presented by John Gentry - Virtana
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
12:30 Tackling cloud complexity with the right tools
Presented by Stela Udovicic - VMWare Tanzu
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
12:56 Exploring IT’s digital experience challenges
Presented by Jon Cairns - Nexthink
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
13:18 The importance of intelligent automation
Presented by Guy Nadivi - Ayehu
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
13:41 The importance of AIOps within Value Stream Management
Presented by Gaurav Rewari - digital.ai
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
14:03 The race to IT observability
Presented by Tej Redkar - LogicMonitor
Includes a 5 minute live Q&A session
14:35 Closing Remarks by Phil Alsop, Conference Chair
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 20 Jul 2024 at 3:20am.

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